Fun, easy, fusion of yoga and dance!!! Music is awesome! Katie inspires with heart felt wisdom and encouragement. You'll love it if you try it!

-Isabel Fagoaga 

Katie taught a dance class at a retreat we were holding at Granlibakken Tahoe. She was inviting and engaging for those new to dance while still diving deep into the healing wisdom of dance. A fantastic way to end our weekend of love by connecting to the body in a natural, nurturing way. Thanks, Katie

-Ashley Aarti Cooper

Transcendance is unique and AMAZING! I am a person who has zero dance experience; I was afraid of dance my whole life because I was uncoordinated and found it more frustrating than fun. I had been to a few Kundalini classes (also taught by Katie) and I fell in love with the practice so much, that I became really curious about this dance that uses kundalini inspired movements to balance the chakras. I was terrified to try it, but my curiosity got the best of me. The dance move...

-Kyndra Ray O'Reilly

TranscenDance is unlike anything I've ever tried/done before  :) Hands down one of my favorite classes ever! I love taking a journey through the chakras, dancing, breathing, yoga, music, lights, good vibes; what more could I ask for  I'm so in love with TranscenDance and I hope you are brave enough to try something new; you never know, you just might end up loving it too!

-Candice Marie Connolly

Best dance class I've ever been to! Katie is a thoughtful and inspiring teacher. ♡♡♡
-Sarah Ann Landau

What a beautiful experience this class is.  It is a travel through the chakras and movement.  I highly recommend this to anyone.  The expression and journey is magical as we brought breath to our hearts, mind, body and soul.  And, dove deep into our minds as we connected with everyone.  While dancing around letting ourselves be ourselves.


It's seldom we take time to get in touch with the natural flow of our bodies.  Through movement and careful sequence, the pressures of the day and week melt away, and I am personally able to be within myself for a beautiful moment.

-Dylan S.

My first experience with TranscenDance was quite enjoyable. It was very helpful with the healing process that I have found my self encompassed in! when you are able to move you body as one with your higher self, you find that you have no limit how much you can enjoy what you are doing in the present time with Katie in dance!!!
-Robert Furin

This is the absolute best experience for movement meditation and entering into a flow state. For those who have fluid, hoppy, and energetic minds and who wish to bond with the beauty and power of their physical body, I highly recommend checking out Katie's class!

-Kylie Ross

I had the pleasure of taking my first TranscenDance class last week. It was a wonderful mix of mind, body and soul that left me feeling both relaxed and ready to take on the rest of my day! The simple movements combined with breath and the addition of music infused my spirit with joy. If you are considering trying it out, DO IT! Katie will make you feel welcome and you will leave feeling great!
-Wendy Firestone