My Story

TranscenDance is my calling and passion project in this life. I am constantly attending workshops, dance classes, and reading texts to incorporate more into the practice.  My practice has made me a better dancer and yogini.  More importantly, I have become more aware of myself; my emotions, my energy, and my body. It is my great honor to share my gift of "getting over it" with all the people I dance with.  I love watching the dancers go through their experiences, go to sleep and wake up anew.

Hi!  I'm Katie DiLibero.  I love to dance.  My passion has always been to study all types of dance: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, African, Samba, Salsa, Odissi, Belly Dance, and all the other dances I have yet to experience.

I discovered yoga in 2000 at University.  At first, I just loved the physical challenge and the flexibility that I got from the practice.  As I continued to delve deeper into my yoga practice, I came to witness the profound changes I experienced in my relationships with my body and mind.   I obtained my Kundalini Teacher Cert in 2014, a  KRI Level 1 Cert in 2016, and a Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga Cert in 2016.  Finally, it was about time!  I love teaching dance and yoga!

TranscenDance was born as my final project while attending a 3 week Chakra Intensive in Sedona, Arizona.  I love the Chakras!  The Chakras are such a simple and inspiring way to visualize the sum total of our physiology and personality.  With the knowledge of what each chakra of body center needs to stay in optimal health, I created a dance class that uses these healing yoga movements, clean fun dance music, and conscious rhythmic breathing. You feel fantastic and learn some dance fundementals. The experience is a total body workout and a meditation session in one.